Custom Creations

We often have customers reach out and ask us to create something special for an event or milestone. At Luminous Candles, we strive on offering great but affordable products that you will be happy with and we love to be part of creating your memorable moment, whatever the occasion!

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Below are some examples of our special creations, custom made for our customers – ranging from corporate work function centrepieces, to special thank you gifts for guests attending a 40th birthday party to candles for a year 6 farewell/reflection camp – Luminous Candles welcomes it all!

School reflection camp:

Country jar Frangipani:

Floating candles for a corporate event

Soccer ball candles for a corporate event

Rain water sugar body scrubs for an Xmas gift

Rain water frosted effect candle

Pomegranate jar

80 round ball candles for a corporate event

8 fancy jars for a corporate event

200 round ball candles for corporate event centrepieces

Lime, Basil & Mandarin pillar candle in a starburst effect for a customer’s event

Masculinity in a grande jar

Sweet lemongrass wine goblet

40th birthday thank you attendee gifts